Radu Cioca

/ Etajul Unu

The main target of Radu Cioca’s idea based works is to create a state of self-awareness in which the mystification of our contemporary reality is unveiled, thus raising questions and revealing relative ‘truths’. It’s about searching to create moments where things click by interrogating the given reality through a series of connections. The last works of Radu Cioca investigate time as an ending tensioned moment – a study about the state of stressful expectative built on fear and the state of uncertainty that drive our lives. The artist works freely, experimenting with various approaches, using sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, photography, video, computer animation or digital generated images – the means of expression being determined by the way each concept dictates to reveal itself. There is a subtle poetic criticism in his works that deals with society’s new values that are turned into relevant images of our times, created in an obvious derogatory manner.




See Radu Cioca’s blog or read an article about his work.

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