Art Matters | A Medieval Romanian City With Major Art Talent | By ZEKE TURNER

Lacking a famous art school, government support or even a location most people can point to on a map, the small medieval city of Cluj, Romania, has become an unlikely breeding ground for the next generation of art stars. [..] Cluj’s artists tend to share a pessimistic streak, and as a result, they seem primed for their moment in the spotlight to elapse, but seven years after the original Cluj coming-out in Zürich, the city continues to draw interest. At the end of 2012, Cluj was included in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art show “Six Lines of Flight: Shifting Geographies in Contemporary Art.” Until January, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris is showing artists from Cluj as part of the show “Romanian Scenes,” and the Arken Museum of Modern Art outside Copenhagen just concluded a show called “Hotspot Cluj — New Romanian Art.” Phaidon included Cluj in a new book published in September, “Art Cities of the Future,” alongside the likes of São Paulo and Istanbul, metropolises 30 and 40 times its size.

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Here Are The 12 Cities That Will Shake Up The Art World In The 21st Century – Huffington Post

ities like New York and Paris have long captured the art world’s attention, wooing artists, collectors, critics and curators who have hurried to call the hubs home. Other storied art havens include Los Angeles, Berlin and Hong Kong, amongst others — locales that have managed to snare auction houses or gallery giants, rounding out an entirely too sparse a map of art destinations.

A new book, however, is attempting to challenge this perception of the exclusive art world. Titled “Art Cities of the Future,” the publication introduces us to places like Singapore or Lagos, Nigeria, art communities that are poised to shake things up in the 21st century.

Compiled by a group of curators, the 336-page book surveys 12 global cities to watch out for, chosen for their impact on contemporary art, history of artistic importance, and overall cultural climate. Some choices are surprising (Cluj, Romania, anyone?), while others have been on the verge of becoming major players for some time (ahem, Istanbul).[..]
Cluj, Romania
One can visit the National Museum of Art or the Paintbrush Factory, and artists like Razvan Botis and Adrian Ghenie call it home.

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