22 Nov

Take, eat! | Mihai Iepure-Górski @ White Cuib

White Cuib Opening: Friday 24 Nov, 7 pm Visiting hours: 6 pm – 8 pm daily November 24 – December 19 Sponsor: Colin Daily The project made for White Cuib is an adaptation of the late star artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ candy installations,

14 Nov

Lucian Indrei @DPlatform Season 2

  A group of artists provoked a collaborative research in which their practice intersected with the work of anthropologists and landscape architects, and last but not least, with the philosophical discourse of Postmanism or the recent Object Oriented

14 Nov

Lucian Indrei and Ciprian Mureșan @Giovedì della Villa

Two of the Paintbrush Factory artists will take part in the Giovedì della Villa exhibition, Italy. The collaboration between artists is an experience of the often surprising results that are comparable to those produced in nature by an engagement, an emb

29 Sep

Ballad of a Stupid Man | Mihai-Iepure-Górski @RAFT Brașov

October 6 – 30 Raft, Multicultural Centre of the Transylvania University in Brașov “Ballad of a Stupid Man” will take over and or take care of Raft Space in Brasov for a while and forever; when I say take over I mean it, every exhibitio

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