Born from the idea of few members of the artistic community at Fabrica de Pensule / The Paintbrush Factor (Cluj, RO) and the need for a common playground for discussion, the Contemporary Art Library @ Fabrica de Pensule aims to be a place where books are seen as a bridge between the city, the community and the Paintbrush Factory.

The Library will be a collection of art related editions embracing a wide range of subjects and matters, offering to students, citizens and wanderers the possibility to find on the same shelf a number of materials usually missing from traditional libraries and bookshops – from catalogues and theory based volumes and essays to self-published editions and leaflets.

The Contemporary Art Library @ Fabrica de Pensule makes a call to artists, curators, cultural producers, thinkers in order to create a special collection of printed matters selected by our extended circle of friends and supporters. You will therefore have the chance to support the development of a human size, personalized and specific shelf in the library that will bear your choice, your statement and your name.

The number of the printed matters hosted by the library shelves will be improved by the choice of several guests invited to propose a personal selection of papers coming from a self addressed research, developed in time on a specific geographical area, covering and highlighting the widest range of subjects possible, in order to underline not only institutional editions, but also all those subjects often kept aside and labeled as underground production.

Each collection will be presented on regular basis within the frame of the Library program, as part of a series of events that will theoretically and physically display the body of such research to the public. Besides these specific moments, books and printed matters will be available to everyone, giving to the viewer the possibility to enter from the main door a new world living between pages.

If you would like to contribute, you can donate a book, publication, catalogue or any other printed matter that you find interesting and relevant for contemporary art and thinking. Contact us for more details and for information on where is the nearest location where you can send us your book at or just send it to:

Fabrica de Pensule (ATTN: Oana Hodade)
Henri Barbusse 59-61
Cluj-Napoca 400616 / Romania

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